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Loli Victorio

Loli Victorio

Do you know that women play important role in the business world? It’s worth mentioning that according to the research made by Harvard Business Review, the “second greatest sex” is much better leaders than their male counterparts in the world of business and industry. One of the most successful businesses in Southern California today is spearheaded by a woman!

KLM BioScientific is a retail store. Its history goes as far back as 1950 when it was known as College Biological Supply Company and based in Washington State. In 1970, the retail store relocated to Escondido, California where it firmly planted its roots and continued growing. After a decade of establishing itself in the area, a change in management renamed the business, The Biology Store. Another positive development happened in 1996 when employees were given the opportunity to take over The Biology Store; thus the birth of KLM BioScientific.

Heading KLM BioScientific is Loli Victorio, a culturist/microbiologst, whose business sense and expertise proved that women business leaders are on their way to the top. Since 1998, Loli Victorio has been the sole owner of KLM BioScientific and after some deliberation, the store was moved to the Kearny Mesa area – a much better location as it is in the central part of San Diego.

Today, KLM BioScientific continues its role as the main laboratory/biological resource company providing the needs of its clients in Southern California. Despite so many competitors in the market, it has occupied a secure niche in the industry. Ever growing patronage of the store is the combination of new clients and loyal customers of College Biological Supply Company & The Biology Store who continue purchasing products from KLM BioScientific. Popular products are the lab equipment as well as the specimens. KLM BioScientific is now also supplying lab supplies, lab equipment and lab specimens for other countries like Canada, UK and Australia.

KLM BioScientific is committed to give extra personal attention to clients as it continues to grow and keep up with the new teaching technology to enhance learning experiences. It has added more products that are geared towards students learning more about energy generating methods and experiencing this through workshops and experiments.

There is no way stopping this WOMAN-OWED BUSINESS from going to the top as business like this is a premium in the US.

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