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Hemacytometer Blood Cell Count Chamber, KLM-B4005

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Hemocytometer Hemacytometer Blood Cell Count Chamber. Reusable hemocytometer cell counting chamber for counting cell densities. Cell Depth: 0.100 mm Volume: 0.1 Microliter Ruling Pattern: Impr

Whitefish Mitosis, Prepared Slide, E13.78 (each)

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Whitefish blastula is used to observe mitotic activity because the dividing cells have very large and easily seen chromosomes so it is easy to find lots of cells in each stage.

Slide Folder, 20 capacity, 3A2108 (each)

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Our sturdy cardboard folder is specially constructed to reduce bending of the folder.  20 standard 3" x 1" slides fit into numbered slots.

Support Ringstand, 4"x6", Rod 5/16" x 18", 3F8380 (each)

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Support Ringstand, Stamped Steel, Base 4"x6", Rod 5/16"x18"

4 Place Cardboard Slide Mailer, 3A1840 (3/pk)

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4 Place Cardboard Slide Mailer Each mailer is made of sturdy cardboard to protect slides. Holds four slides for transport, with or without coverglass. Thumb groove aids removal. Sold 3 per pack

Plastic Graduated Transfer Pipettes , KLM-TS (500/bx)

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Plastic Graduated Transfer Pipettes. Two sizes on special. LIMITED OFFER AND QUANTITY. *Pipette, Transfer,plastic, 1ml, 0.25ml divisions, 500/box *Pipette, Transfer,plastic, 3ml, 0.5ml divisions,
$24.95 $16

Simple Cart, KLM-7793 (each)

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            Simple Cart is made from high impact plastic. The recession in the car allows for additional weight. The hole in the front of the molded plastic body allows you to attach a