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Elodea, LB1312 (dozen)

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Sold by the dozen. Elodea (Anacharis) is used for general study or as a floating or rooted aquarium plant. Can be used for plant respiration and photosynthesis.

Sea Cucumber, Cucumaria Miniata, P0265 (each)

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Sea cucumber, 6-12"

Whitefish Mitosis, Prepared Slide, E13.78 (each)

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Whitefish blastula is used to observe mitotic activity because the dividing cells have very large and easily seen chromosomes so it is easy to find lots of cells in each stage.

Preserved Bullfrog, 4-5" Double Injected, P1236 (each)

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4-5" body,  double injection. Rana catesbeiana specie usually supplied. Please call for School District Bulk Pricing. Frog dissection provides a good overview of the organ systems of a complex liv

Conjugating Paramecium, L0004 (2 separate jars)

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Sexual reproduction, called conjugation, involves the exchange of genetic material between two individuals of different 'mating strains'.

FOSS, Insects, Silkworm Eggs - Prepaid Coupon, KLM-2D (each)

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Coupon for FOSS, Insecys, (Grade 2 ) 50 Silkworm Eggs. PREPAID COUPONS INCLUDES SHIPPING. We will send coupon(s) that can be used when you are ready - phone, mail or fax. We can customize the quant

Earth Science Collection, KLM-2175, (75 pieces)

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Earth Science Collection, Introductory Basic unit of 75 rocks and minerals demonstrates the major rock-forming minerals; the scale of hardness; and recognized physical properties. Unit includes 75