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15 to 250 Watt DIY Wind Turbines available:

15 Watt DIY Wind Turbine

Cyber 15 high speed wind turbine generators built entirely within the USA.
Produces 14V DC and .75 amps in 40 mph winds (output increases as wind speed increases).
Compact measuring about 10″ long and utilizing a 2-blade 12″ propeller.
Weighs about 12 oz.
Very quiet even though it easily turns over 1000 rpm in 25 mph winds (verified with an optical tachometer).
50 Watt DIY Wind Turbine

Output max. 2.25 amps @ max. 22V. Typical output is less than 1 amp.
Optimum wind speed: 15 mph
Max. wind speed: 20 mph
Blades are 12″ long, diameter of prop about 25″.
20″ long from tip of prop to end of tail fin.
200 Watt DIY Wind Turbine

Mini wind turbine is designed for MEDIUM wind area
This unit will charge 12 volt batteries.
Ideal wind conditions have successfully been used to supplement solar panels when providing power to remote barns, shops, cabins, fence chargers, gate openers, sailboats etc.
250 Watt DIY Wind Turbine

8x 12” blades, medium wind turbine generator
Maximum of 30 vdc and 8.5 amps in perfect test conditions
22″ long from the tip of the prop to the end of the tailfin
The downtube (the part that slips into your mounting pole, etc.) is .730″ O.D.
Can sit in any pipe that is slightly larger in diameter
Comes 95% assembled
Email for discounts on 5 ore more

Standard discounts are:

10+ units 10%
20+ units 20%

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