Curwood Parafilm M Laboratory Wrapping Film, KLM-992

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  • Film, Wrapping; Curwood; Parafilm M; For lab; Water/moisture-proof; Can be folded repeatedly; Stretches 200 percent lengthwise at 21deg.C (70deg.F); Roll interlined w/paper; 2 in. W x 250 ft. L (5cm x
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Waterproof, moisture-proof film prevents sample evaporation, contamination; protects anhydrous materials
Can be folded repeatedly and twisted around sharp surface without rupturing
Increases approximately 200% when stretched lengthwise at 21°C (70°F)
Partially returns to original length when tension is removed
Becomes more flexible and softer as temperature increases
Rolls are interlined with paper to prevent adhering


Applications: Ideal for working with culture media
Length (English):250 ft.
Material: Thermoplastic
Product Type: Wrapping Film
Width (English):2 in.
Width (Metric): 5cm

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