Daphnia Magna, L0281 (jar)

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  • Daphnia are tiny crustaceans, never growing larger than a couple of millimeters no matter how well they eat. They are sometimes called water fleas because they are about that size and superficially lo
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Daphnia are tiny crustaceans and are sometimes called water fleas.  There are at least 30+ daphnia in each jar.   An excellent freshwater crustacean for viewing heartbeat, live birth and toxicity tests.   Please call for School District Bulk Pricing.

One way to test for the presence of toxic compounds in a water sample is a bioassay. In a bioassay, a living organism serves as a detector for toxins—the same way canaries were used in coal mines to detect invisible toxic gases. In this project, water fleas (Daphnia magna), a freshwater crustacean, are used in a bioassay to monitor water quality. Many variations of this experiment are possible.

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