Ductless Fume Hood, 24 x 26 x 31.5

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  • PURAIR 5 DUCTLESS FUME HOOD, 24x26x31.5" •The Purair 5 Series of compact ductless fume hoods are efficient and economical, but provide many features found in the more expensive systems. •Prov
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•The Purair 5 Series of compact ductless fume hoods are efficient and economical, but provide many features found in the more expensive systems.
•Provides the operator safety where routine work is being carried out.
•Typical applications include histology, powder weighing and sampling prep work..
•Lightweight and completely portable units feature the following: low airflow alarm, 100 f/m face velocity, self-securing hinged door panels, whisper quiet 55 dBA brushless and sparkless centrifugal fan, clear acrylic sides for 360° viewing, patented Easy Clamp that totally eliminates any by-pass leakage, and an electrostatic pre-filter.
•Epoxy Coated mild steel , with clear side panels. Chemical resistant epoxy coated steel superstructure for unsurpassed strength in case of accidental fire, earthquake, or knocks and bumps.
•Units operate at low noise levels and because they recirculate, they do not exhaust expensive conditioned and/or heated air into the atmosphere.
•Compact bench mounted unit that can be used for small amounts of chemicals.
•A face velocity of 100 fpm ensures containment of fumes and particulates for operator protection.
•An alarm will alert the operator when the airflow falls to an unacceptable level.
•The unit can be placed on any bench top, and an optional polypropylene spillage tray can be provided when required. Cat # 3343-10(Sold Separately).
•The rear of the unit has lighting to illuminate the work surface.
•All mechanisms in the head section are on the clean side of the filter, with the switches and electrical components being isolated from any contamination.
•The patented filter clamping mechanism allows for the filter to be easily installed and ensures an even seal at the filter face at all times to prevent bypass leakage.
•Unit includes an electrostatic pre-filter to which optional filters may be added for specific applications (optional / additional filters sold separately)
•Optional / Additional Filters Include ( Note: These are used in addition to the pre-filters)
•Filters generally need to be changed annually, depending on what chemicals are being used and how much is being evaporated into the filter. If needed, an application checklist providing this information can be filled out by the operator and can be analyzed to predict very closely what the actual filter lifetime will be.
•PRE-FILTER SATURATION ALARM. Alerts the operator (both audio and visual) when filters need to be changed.
•FILTER I.D. WINDOW, Ensures correct filter installation.
•AIR VELOMETER. Continuous monitoring system of air velocity located in the vision field of the user.
•Easy to use control panel includes switch for blower, lights, an electronic hour counter, and low airflow alarm.
•Exceeds OSHA, ANSI and all relevant international standards . Pre-filter is changed from inside the enclosure preventing any particulate hazards.
•An integral port allows manual filter monitoring.
•Set desired blower motor speed.
•Units have a main on / off switch and runs on 110v, 60Hz (single phase).
•Included: pre-filter for dust, integral fluorescent lighting (explosion safe and mounted out of reach of operators line of sight), 2 rear mounted cable slip ports, 1 fan speed controller. Glassware shown not included.
•Warranty: 2 years manufacturers warranty – parts and labor – except filters.


Face Velocity(FPM)~100
Lighting~18 watts Main Filter Weight~11 lb
Noise Levels – <55dBA External Dimensions (W x D x H)~24 x 26 x 31.5 Internal Dimensions ( W x D x H)~22.8 x 24 x 19.5 Working Height~19.5 Working Base Area~22.8 x 24 (OPTIONAL/ADDITIONAL FILTERS SOLD SEPARATELY) AVAILABLE ONLINE ONLY: THIS MAY TAKE 3-6 WEEKS FROM MANUFACTURER. PLEASE CALL FOR PRICING AND ACTUAL SHIP RATE.

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