Neuroscience - EMG SpikerBox, KLM-ESB (each)

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  • EMG SpikerBox Want to record from Human Subjects? The EMG SpikerBox can record Motor Units and EMG.
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High School Teachers and Professors: Do you love teaching science? So do we! That’s why we developed a full suite of affordable tools so you can share the joy. Our products are appropriate for kids of all ages, from the 5th grade through grad school Students and Parents Looking for unique ideas for your science fair project? It doesn’t matter if you’re in elementary, middle or high school. . . we’ve got the coolest experiments around. Now you can experiment use equipment and experiments like professional neuroscientists to explore the mysteries of the brain. DIY Neuroscientists How is it that we can think, feel, and experience things on an emotional level? Or do you just want to tinker with the first commercially available cyborg? For the first time ever, now you can experiment like the pros! Backyard Brains is neuroscience for everyone, especially you!


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