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Brewing Kombucha at Home

Published on Mar 28, 2018
kombucha brewing

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha tea has been making waves for the past years. More and more people are sipping this type go-to health beverage. Some are venturing into home brewing which is the trend for enthusiasts.

This health drink is a concoction of bacteria, sugar and tea. Many have claimed that drinking kombucha improved digestion, more energy and lessens stress.

This drink is stinky – a vinegar-like odor and the taste has been depicted like apple cider.


Kombucha is not new and this tea was regularly consumed by the Chinese more than 2,000 years ago. It was taken as a remedy for inflammatory problems like arthritis. It is even thought to be anti-cancer. Nowadays, Kombucha is a home remedy for fatigue, acne, headaches, constipation and hypertension.

kombuchaEasy to Make

This health drink is stress-free to make at home. Ingredients include sugar, tea and a starter culture of bacteria and yeast. This concoction is the “mother culture” is mixed with black or green tea. The mother culture is then set aside for ten days.

During the fermentation time, a colony of bacteria forms on the top. When this process is completed, the new culture can be taken out and used to start another one. The smelly liquid at the bottom is the one used for a kombucha drink.

Equipment to make kombucha

There is no need to get sophisticated equipment to make kombucha. All that is needed is a brewing vessel with a cover. There maybe other supplies and equipment needed but this is optional.

To get a good brew, the following equipment can be used:

• Glass
This is the best option. Glass does not have any reaction to acidity of the brew. It is scratch-proof and does not contain any chemicals which can affect the brew. They are also inexpensive and easy to find.
Such containers can be a quart, half-gallon or gallon sizes. If the brewing is continuous, larger sizes with a spigot is a better option. Just a word of caution, be sure the spigot is made of plastic and not metal as metal may have some adverse effects.

• Porcelain
This type of container is safe for brewing. Be sure that the porcelain is food-grade.

• Ceramic
Another option would be ceramic jars. However, be sure that it is food-grade to avoid any unpleasant effects.

Other equipment to be used in kombucha brewing

• Tea bags
Best to use reusable tea bags.

• Mesh tea ball
This is good when brewing loose tea. Be sure to remove when the SCOBY and starter tea are combined.

• Plastic strainer
This may not be necessary but it can certainly make home brewing convenient. The strainer is used for filtering the finished kombucha or to scoop out the SCOBY. Be sure to get a BPA-free strainer.

• Bottles
The bottles should have a tight lid or seal.

• Funnel
If a bottle is used for the finished kombucha, having a funnel can make the process easy.

• Thermometer
It is important to monitor the temperature when brewing. Kombucha culture works best at a comfortable room temperature. Too cold or too warm will affect the culture. Be sure to have a stick-on thermometer for a hassle free check on the temperature.

Once the equipment is complete and the ingredients gathered, brewing the kombucha will be a breeze. Happy Brewing!

How to make kombucha

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