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KLM BioScientific Launches New Website

Published on Mar 21, 2018
laboratory supplies, the online counterpart of KLM BioScientific, is proud to announce its improved website.  You are all invited to explore the new features of the website.  The design provides the best user experience with improved functions and navigation. Users will be able to explore and view product portfolios easily. was made with the user in mind that includes better product categories and highlights other industry needs. A section on the cannabis industry, on essential oils, e-cigarettes and kombacha is now available.

Noticeable features of the new website include:

  • Streamlined navigation that reduces the number of user clicks
  • Better categorization of products that allow users to narrow down a product and zoom into a specific product
  • Products are well placed according to how they can be used and what type of customer like government, schools, etc.
  • Purchase Order Form is available for faster order process
  • Rapid response when searching for a product. User only needs to type in a word or phrase and the search will list down what it has found immediately
  • Quote Request is now available for those who want to ask on prices and availability

As an additional feature, KLM BioScientific focuses on the best selling products and featured products. Users can just go straight to a product line instead.

For more information about lab supplies, lab equipment and lab specimens and other related products, please visit the website

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