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Vaping Lounges: The Next Best Thing

Published on Apr 01, 2018
Vaping Lounge

Many have switched to vaping for many reasons. Vaping had become popular not only in the United States but in other countries. This has led to the rise of “vaping lounges” to cater to the new market by very enterprising people who know what is trending and will become more popular.

Many vaping shops have joined the bandwagon and in big cities like Chicago and New York, the vaping lounges have added to the attraction of these shops. These lounges do not only encourage people to purchase new flavors or accessories, they inspire customers to relish the vaping experience.

vapingWith oversized couches, comfortable atmosphere, coffee or a cold beverage and even WIFI, these vaping lounges provide vapers a place to meet and discuss vaping. Most lounges offer new flavors to try and introduce new accessories to the customers.

Some vaping lounges offer professional rebuilding and have a lot of rebuilding supplies like wick, coil, mesh and cotton. They can have demos of the latest rebuilding methods. Vaping lounges even have ohm meters and charging stations for the convenience of the vapers.

Unlike cigarette smoking, where one can socialize with other smokers, vaping may not be as popular now. These vaping lounges can be a great place to find people who vape. Statistics released by the Euromonitor International and the CDC showed that in 2017, there are 9 million people who vape in the United States and that the US comprises of 43.2% of global vape users. It is estimated that there are around 20.8 million vape users globally and the numbers are growing since people are shifting to vaping. As shown, the vaping industry is foreseen to explode, and vaping lounges will be part of this boom.

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