Advance Glassware Kit


This kit has supplies and equipment for all of your more advance experiments! It includes 95 different pieces.  This item ships directly from our supplier.


-1 Beaker, 50ml
-2 Beakers, 250ml
-1 Beaker, 600ml
-1 Erlenmeyer Flask, 50ml
-2 Erlenmeyer Flasks, 250ml
-1 Erlenmeyer Flask, 500ml
-6 Medicine Droppers
-6, 6″ Stir Rods
-1 Cylinder, 10ml
-1 Cylinder, 100ml
-1 Serological Pipette
-12, 16x150mm Test Tubes
-1, 75x75mm Short Stem Funnel
-1 Burette with stopcock, 25ml
-1, 6″ Dropping Pipette
-6 Barnes Bottles with droppers
-2, Bottle with droppers assemblies, 8oz
-2 Dropping Bottles with ground glass pipettes, 60ml
-1 Drying Tube, 100mm
-1 Condenser, 300mm
-1 Boiling Flask, 250ml
-1 Porcelain Mortar and Pestle, 60ml
-1 Volumetric Pipette, 5ml
-1 Thistle Tube, 6x300mm
-1, 4″ Watch Glass
-12 Long Flint Glass Tubes, Diameter 5mm Height 12″
-12 Flint Glass Tubes, Diameter 6mm Height 12″
-12 Flint Glass Tubes, Diamter 7mm Height 12″
-1 Filtering Flask, 250ml
-1 Volumetric Flask, 250ml
-1 Volumetric Boiling Flask, 100ml
-1, 75x75mm Short Stem Funnel

This item ships directly from our supplier.


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