Advance Labware Kit


This kit features a comprehensive manual titled “Chemistry the Easy Way”.


This kit contains all the basic materials from our borosilicate Labware Kit (reference SKU: KLM-7200038), but also includes:
-1 Flat Bottom Boiling Flask, 500ml
-1 Erlenmeyer Flask, 500ml
-1 Flat Bottom Boiling Flask, 250ml
-1 Beaker, 400ml
-1 Beaker, 150ml
-1 Pair of Safety Goggles
-1 Wooden Test Tube Rack
-1 Burette Clamp
-1 Support Stand, 4×6″
-1 Test Tube, 16x150mm
-1 Watch Glass, 100mm
-2 Wire Gauze, 5×5″
-2 Glass Medicine Droppers
-4 Measuring Cups, 30cc
-1 Test Tube Clamp
-3, 6″ Stir Rods
-1 Stainless Steel Spatula, 180mm
-1 Cylinder, 50ml
-1 Pack of 500 Wood Splints
-6 Rubber Stoppers, size #0, solid
-3 Rubber Stoppers, size #0, 1-hole
-2 Rubber Stoppers, size #0, 2-hole
-2 Rubber Stoppers, size #6, solid
-1 Support Ring and Clamp, 3″
-1 Rubberized Cloth Apron
-4 Pairs of Latex Gloves

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