Deluxe Molecular Model


Build your own H20 molecule! Comes with over 520 pieces to make different  

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Set includes:30 – 2.5cm Black Alkane Carbon Balls 20 – 2.5cm Black Alkene Carbon Balls10 – 2.5cm Black Alkyne Carbon Balls 25 – 2.5cm Green Halogens And Monovalient Non-Metals Balls 20 – 2.5cm Yellow Sulfur/Selenium Hexavalent Balls 20 – 2.5cm Orange Sodium/Potassium Monovalent Metals Balls30 – 2cm Red Oxygen Balls 30 – 2cm Blue Nitrogen/Phosphorous Trivalent And Pentavalent Element Balls30 – 2cm Yellow Aluminum/Chromium Trivalent Metals Balls 30 – 2cm Orange Calcium/Magnesium Bivalent Metals Balls125 – 1cm White Hydrogen Balls With Integral Bonding Lugs 150 – 1cm Bonding Lugs

370: Total Number of Balls

520: Total Number of Components


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