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The Science of Colors & Light


Discover a dazzling world of shapes and colors! Learn about optics and visual perception.

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The Spinning Button:
Can you make the colors of the button disappear? Simply roll the rope and release it by repeatedly pulling the handles. The button in the middle will start spinning at high speed. Watch it!
The Kaleidoscope:
Build a kaleidoscope and use it to see beautiful shapes and colors! Close one eye and surrender to the spectacular and colorful world of the kaleidoscope!
The 3D Glasses:
Build 3D glasses and explore how they facilitate the illusion of depth. Each of the colored lenses filters out a certain part of the visible spectrum of light. If this principle is smartly used, then each eye receives a slightly different image, “tricking” our visual system.
Simple step-by-step instructions and fun booklet!
A set of coloring pens

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