Labware Kit


Contains all the basic borosilicate labware and equipment for conducting science experiments.


-“101 Great Science Experiments” Textbook (120 pages)
-1 Rubberized Lab Apron
-1 Beaker, 100ml
-1 Beaker, 250ml
-1 Beaker, 400ml
-1 Porcelain Evaporating Dish
-1 Erlenmeyer Flask, 250ml
-1 Thistle Tube, plastic
-1 Safety Goggles
-1 Graduated Cylinder, 50ml
-1 Filtering Paper
-12 Medicine Droppers
-1 Spatula, stainless steel, 22cm length
-1 Sponge 1×3-3/8″, 3 rubber stoppers, #6 solid
-6 Test Tubes 16x150mm
-1 Test Tube Rack
-1 Test Tube Brush
-1 Test Tube Clamp, brass
-1 Pair of Crucible Tongs, 1-Pipestem Triangle
-1 Burner Tripod, cast iron
-1 Wire Gauze square 4×4″
-1 Crucible, porcelain
-1 Plastic Cylinder 100ml capacity


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