Levenhuk 3ST


This binocular microscope has a relatively long working distance of 57 mm (2.2 in) that allows you to study flat specimens as well as rather large objects.

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Levenhuk 3ST Microscope is a reliable stereo microscope with a design that allows for comfortable observations for extended periods of time without any muscle strain, and no additional stress to the eyes due to the binocular head (comparing binocular microscopes to microscopes with monocular heads).

The kit includes:
Levenhuk stereo microscope
Binocular head
WF10x eyepiece – 2 pieces
Rotating objective: 2x, 4x
Backup halogen lamp: 12V/10W
Matte glass stage
Double-sided black and white stage plate
Rubber eyecups

Head: binocular, inclined at 45°
Optics material: glass
Magnification: 20x-40x
Working distance : 57mm
Interpupillary distance: 60mm
Stage mm: matte glass stage with stage clips, additional double-sided (black and white) stage plate
Eyepiece diopter adjustment: diopters from +5 to -5
Focus: coarse, 40 mm
Illumination: 12v/10w halogen lamp

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