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Macroscale Kit with 19/22 Joint w/ Case


Wilmad-LabGlass Chemistry Kits contain laboratory glassware components most commonly used for small scale organic procedures.  Used for distillation, extraction or there processes, these organic kits minimize chemicals waste.  Here are supplied in a heavy duty kit box with a foam insert to hold all the parts securely in place.  This item ships directly from our supplier.


Complete Kit:

Adapter Claisen Type, Micro  (1)

Adapter, Inlet (Bleed-in)  (1)

Adapter, Thermometer w/ Rubber Fitment (1)

Adapter, Three Way, 75 degree bend  (1)

Adaptor, Vacuum, 105 degree bend  (1)

Column, Distilling, 190mm jacket length  (1)

Condenser, West, 190mm jacket length  (1)

Flask, Round Bottom, 1-neck, 25ml  (1)

Flask, Round Bottom, 1-neck, 50ml (1)

Flask, Round Bottom, 1-neck, 100ml (1)

Flask, Round Bottom, 1-neck, 250ml (1)

Flask, Round Bottom, 1-neck, 500ml (1)

Funnel, Sep, Squibb, 125ml, w/2mm PTFE S/C  (1)

Stopper, Pennyhead (1)

Plastic Kit Box (1)

Foam Insert Set (1)

This item ships directly from our supplier – Manufacturer:  Wilmad- Labglass Please call for discount pricing.  You may request store pick up.


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