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Gel Electrophoresis Starter Sets to make your life easier. Get started immediately with everything you need. Our products will save you valuable bench space…..

RunOne™ Electrophoresis System with Timer, 100V-120V: Cast your gel in the RunOne™ Gel Casting System and run your gel in the RunOne™ electrophoresis unit.

RunOne™ Electrophoresis Unit with Timer, 100V-120V: Don’t wait around for an electrophoresis unit! Run your gels simultaneously at the same work station.

PrepOne™ Sapphire Blue LED Gel Illuminator with Photo Hood for Smart Device: View and photograph your gel with this dark room on your bench without the hazards of UV and EtBr!

Multi-Speed Centrifuge Mini: All-in-one rotor fits 0.2 mL-2 mL tubes. Speed range of 100 RPM – 10,000 RPM.

ONE Series Pipette Set of: Adjustable pipettes 0.1-2 μL, 2-20 μL, 20-200 μL, and 100-1000 μL.

GelGreen™ Stain, 500 μL: Non-toxic and non-mutagenic DNA stain. Recommended for use with a blue LED gel illuminator instead of UV light.

We are able to provide training (for local clients at this time) and literature on products as needed for the initial set of products (pipettes, centrifuge, and LabLite).  Please call our office to schedule an onsite demo.


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