Snap-Cap Microcentrifuge Tubes

The Snap-Cap Microcentrifuge Tube gives a firm, dependable seal, and its tough virgin-polypropylene construction withstands the rugged G-forces of high-speed centrifugation, up to 25,000 x G. Use it with confidence for specimen collection, mixing, electrophoresis sampling/handling, enzyme assays, radioassays, immumoassays and many other applications. Ultra low retention. RNase and DNase free. Human DNA free. Non-Pyrogenic.

Pack of 1000

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The Snap-Cap Microcentrifuge Tube is available in five sizes, 250µl, 400µl, 500µl, 1.5ml and 1.8ml. All sizes have attached, tight-fitting Snap-Caps for optimal sealing during sample processing and centrifugation. Colors: Natural (white) for 250µl, 400µl, and 500µl. The 1.5 ml and 1.8ml sizes are available in natural and four additional colors for color-coding. The Snap-Cap Microcentrifuge Tube’s smooth, conical interior lets you remove your entire sample with ease, and without material hangup. You can even cut it to remove a spun pellet. The Snap-Cap is attached to each tube, and the entire unit is autoclavable at 250°F at 15 psi for 15 minutes. Fits Beckman™, Eppendorf™ and all other microcentrifuges.


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