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Cells Of Your Body Poster


The human body harbors an incredible range of diversity at not only the physical and creative level but also the dynamics of the entire cellular system itself. At adulthood the average human body has almost 10 trillion cells and has over 200 different categories of cells. A few of these types of cells are shown here. This poster is 25″ x 36″


We have over 200 bones and thousands upon thousands of fibers go into making up the various 600 muscles that we depend on not only for movement, but also facial expression and communication. The brain has over 100 billion neurons. The diverse chemistry that our bodies depend on helps to fashion our mood, behavior and health. There are two types of enzyme systems: metabolic and digestive. Additionally the body is composed of glands, hormones, senses, and various immunological responses that all contribute to its well- being and function.

  • Cheek Cells (900x)
  • Blood Cells (500x)
  • Lymph Gland Cells (1200x)
  • Bone Cells (300x)
  • Voluntary Muscle Cells (900x)
  • Involuntary Muscle Cell (900x)
  • Nerve Cells (60x)
  • Gland Cells (360x)




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