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Shipping Information

Living materials: Some of our living materials are seasonal. If possible, please give us adequate time to fill your order to ensure on-time class use. We guarantee live delivery on orders shipped Monday through Thursday.

Preserved materials: Due to circumstances beyond our control, some of our preserved specimens are not readily available (fetal pigs, cats). Please call for availability and pricing. We may also recommend alternative specimens. Our preserved materials are initially fixed in formalin and stored in a holding solution. Most all preserved specimens are shipped vacuum packed unless customer requests holding fluid. The customer will be fully responsible for proper chemical disposal. We advise teacher and parent supervision when handling all specimens at all times.

Certain perishable items like non-pathogenic bacteria and chemicals should always be handled with proper care and always under a teacher or parent supervision. In some cases, we will ask for a company letterhead for such sensitive items.

If you would like further assistance, please call us at (858) 571-5562.

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