Field Orienteering Map Compass


The compass is mounted on a clear strong plastic base 5.5inch(140mm) x 2.38inch(60mm).

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Combination of precision and durability. The accurate steel needle rotates on precision pivots. The liquid filled chamber stabilzes the needle quickly for fast readings and also cushions against impacts. The comapss and the scale has luminous points. The Compass is 1.75inch(45mm) in diameter, scale is graduated 0 – 360 deg in 2 deg increments, has declination correction scale. The base has cm, inches, 1:50000, 1:25000, and m scales. The base also has an inbuilt 1inch(25mm) 4x magnifier, and 4 stencils for drawing 3 circles and 1 triangle. Comes with a lanyard.

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