LabSuppliesUSA Closeouts

Published on Apr 23, 2018

The website includes a section on CLOSEOUTS.  This is where lab specimens, lab equipment and lab supplies that are superfluous and are sold at very low prices.  With the closeout items, customers can save up to 50% from the original price. What are the products included in closeouts? There are a variety of lab specimens …

Tardigrades: Part of International Space Station (ISS) Experiments

Published on Apr 05, 2018
water bears

For organisms to survive space exposure, there are certain physiognomies that are needed like high tolerances for radiation and extreme cold or freezing conditions. Only organisms generally known as extremophiles can survive in such conditions. Examples of these organisms are Archea, Rotifera, some species of Bacteria and Nematoda, some Arhtropods and Tardigrada. The Tardigrades or …