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1.5 x 3.9″ Fish Fossil Replica, Mesozoic



  • Fossil replica of a Mesozoic fish imprint measuring approximately 1.5″x3″ (4x10cm)
  • Replica is built from a sturdy resin designed to last through heavy classroom and laboratory use
  • This replica represents one of the first species of bony fish that evolved before dinosaurs ever walked the earth
  • Perfect for use in the classroom during lessons on fossils and paleontology
  • Replica demonstrates mold replacement of bone and scale on a ray-finned fish


Bony fish first evolved during the Paleozoic era, over 400 million years ago. This fossil replica represents a mold of a ray-finned fish that died and was buried in the ocean. The thin bones that make up the rays on the fish are easily recognizable, despite the disappearance of the fins themselves. This fossil is great in the classroom for teaching about paleontology and fossil preservation.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 1 × .01 in


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