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250mL & 500mL Centrifuge Tubes (NEST)





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250ml Centrifuge Tubes Sterile With ISO9001&13485 certified, 250ml Centrifuge Tubes Sterile are manufactured in 100,000 grade cleaning room with USP 6 grade raw materials. Nest is committed to be your best choice for laboratory and medical consumables.

Nest delivers the one stop solution for its products including tooling making, injection, processing, sterilization, all under one roof. In addition to this product, NEST has launched over 200 plastic consumable products for Cell culture, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, liquid handling and storage, Lab Instruments and Medical Instruments.

Introducting Products

The 250mL and 500mL centrifuge tubes can process a large number of samples at one time and are suitable for separation and harvest of large cells, supernatants, bacteria, yeast and tissue samples, therefore they are widely used in the field of life sciences and clinical experiments and can meet the requirements of biological analysis.

Product Features
● The unique sealing structure design of the cover provides a two-way security to guarantee seal ability.
● The thickened design of the conical bottom increases the maximum centrifugal limit.
● Max. centrifugal limit 7000xg.
● Tolerable temperature -80℃-120℃.
● The clear scale is convenient for data reading.
● No pyrogens, sterile, no DNARNA.
● Electron beam sterilization, SAL=10-6

Application Areas

● Separation of sediments after chemical reactions for harvest and application.
● Harvest of biomacromolecules, inorganics and organics.

● In biochemistry and other biological fields, usually used to centrifuge and collect a large volume of cells, biomacromolecules and supernatants.

Packaging Specification

Additional information

Weight 11.6 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 13 × 13 in
Centrifuge Tubes

250 mL PP Centrifuge Tubes with Plug Seal Cap, Sterile,6/pk, 102/cs, 500 mL PP Centrifuge Tubes with Plug Seal Cap, Sterile,6/pk, 36/cs, 250 mL PP Centrifuge Tubes with Plug Seal Cap, Racked, Sterile,6/pk, 24/cs, 500 mL PP Centrifuge Tubes with Plug Seal Cap, Racked, Sterile,4/pk, 24/cs


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