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Accuris, High Fidelty Polymerase



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Accuris High Fidelty Polymerase (2 tube formulation)

  • Leaves a blunt end for blunt end vector cloning
  • 50x fidelity of native Taq
  • Ideal for complex targets up to 10kb

For applications requiring highly accurate amplification, Accuris offers a range of high fidelity PCR options.  Our proofreading enzymes are modified for better sensitivity and higher activity, and this ensures more reproducible performance with a wide range of targets.

  • Up to 100X higher fidelity than Taq polymerase.
  • Crude DNA sample will not inhibit amplification.
  • Ideal for cloning, mutagenesis, sequencing and microarrays.
  • Options for blunt end or A-overhang products.
  • Optimized buffers include PCR enhancers.

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High Fidelity

High Fidelity DNA Polymerase, 200u (2u/µl), High Fidelity DNA Polymerase, 1000u (2u/µl), High Fidelity Master Mix, 200 x 25ul rxns, High Fidelity Master Mix, 500 x 25ul rxns, High Fidelity, Hot Start Master Mix, 200 x 25ul rxns, High Fidelity, Hot Start Master Mix, 500 x 25ul rxns


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