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Accuris, One-Step RT, qPCR kits



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  • Convenient cDNA synthesis and PCR in a single tube from 1pg total RNA

  • Formulated for highly specific and sensitive RT-PCR from any RNA templates

  • Incorporates thermostable reverse transcriptase and Hot-Start Taq for preparation at room-temperature

The Accuris One-Step RT-PCR Kit has been formulated for cDNA synthesis and subsequent PCR in a single tube for end-point analysis. This latest generation RT-PCR Kit consists of an MMLV-derived, thermostable Reverse Transcriptase (45°C to 55°C), an advanced RNase Inhibitor and Accuris Hot Start Taq for ultra-sensitive one-step RT-PCR from as little as 1pg total RNA starting material.

The optimized buffer chemistry allows for efficient reverse transcription and PCR of problematic sequences with significant secondary structure (such as GC-rich targets). The Accuris One-Step RT-PCR Kit is ideal for determining the presence or absence of RNA templates and quantifying expression through qualitative analysis of RNA transcription levels. The kit also efficiently synthesizes double-stranded cDNA for subsequent gene expression analysis.


PR1100 One Step RT-PCR Instruction Insert



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One-Step RT-PCR kit

50 reactions, 100 reactions


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