Durac Hydrometer for Beer/Wine Polycarbonate


Achieve perfect beer brewing and wine making results with DURAC Triple Scale Beer and Wine Hydrometers. Includes three scales, Specific Gravity, Potential Alcohol by Volume (PAV), and Brix, that provide invaluable data points when crafting beer, wine, kombucha, mead, cider, and more in either a commercial or home brew setting.

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Determine if starting mash or wort is acceptable quality to achieve desired results
Monitor fermentation process to see if variables should be altered
Determine when fermentation is complete
Calculate approximate alcohol content of the finished product
Manufactured in strict accordance with NIST as outlined in NBS Circular 555 Military STD-45662A and ISO 17025 where applicable.
Meets or exceeds the tolerances of accuracy and physical specifications set forth by the NIST Circular 55, American Society of testing Materials e100-10 or the American Petroleum Institute
Lead and mercury free

Optical quality polycarbonate provides glass-like clarity with shatterproof strength to eliminate the risk of contamination due to instrument breakage
Color coded bands indicate when fermentation is complete; easy to read font

Note: All scales are meant to be read with liquids at 68°F (20°C). A conversion chart is included to adjust for varying temperatures. For accurate results, the hydrometer should always be used in conjunction with a thermometer (sold separately).


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