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Motorized Electronic Burette


Three dispensing speeds including drop-wise dispensing allows you to achieve the end point very accurately.
Dispensing can be performed by a touch of the screen and stops immediately when the touch is removed.
WWC = With Computer Connectivity



Microlit product:  E-Burette

Motorized Titration
Motor Controlled piston movement.
Re-circulation system allows quick purging without loss of reagent.
Easy, user-friendly, TFT touchscreen guides you to perform quick and accurate titration.
20 results can be saved in memory.
Computer connectivity.
Conforms to ISO 8655 standards.

Component Description:

Piston PTFE & ETP
Cylinder Borosilicate Glass
Valve Housing PFA
Re-Circulation Valve Housing PFA
Valve Assembly Borosilicate Glass Ball & Seat
Discharge Assembly PTFE
Delivery Tube FEP
Inlet Tube FEP
Calibration Individually calibrated and certified.
Accuracy & Reproducibility In accordance with ISO 8655 standards


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