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Eisco Garage Physics Ballista


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  • Explore torsion springs, forces, energy transformation, mechanical advantage, and projectile motion in this fully-functional ballista
  • Launches a distance of more than 30 ft, depending on launch angle and string tension
  • Contains ballista and ping pong ball
  • Press fit assembly – no tools required
  • Manufactured with high quality, precision-cut Birch veneer pure bond plywood
  • The Birch Plywood is formaldehyde free using soy-based technology, LEED compliant, CARB compliant
  • Kit comes with a step-by-step educational guide

Engage in ping pong warfare with this Ballista kit! Students use only wood, string, and leather to create one of the most efficient weapons of siege warfare. This kit allows students to explore torsion springs, forces, energy transformation, mechanical advantage, and projectile motion. Shoots ping pong balls over 30 ft! The kit is straightforward to assemble – no tools required. Set-up takes only 30 minutes! Students can use the included ping pong ball or other lightweight projectiles of their own design. Launches are highly repeatable giving consistent experimental results. The included stand allows exploration of launch angles from 15° to 45° in increments of 10°. Educational guide included.


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