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Glass Steam Distillation Apparatus for Essential Oil Extraction.


Steam distillation is the most common way to extract aromatic compounds (essential oil) from a plant. During the steam distillation process, steam passes through the plant material. The combination of heated steam and gentle pressure causes the essential oil to be released from microscopic protective sacs.   Have FUN….EXPERIMENT making your own essential oils!



Kit includes:

1 -500ml single neck round bottom flask

1 – 3-way clause adapter with 24/40 joints

2 – 125ml separators funnel with 24/40 joints at top and bottom

1 – Biomass flask with 24/20 top outer and bottom inner joint

1 – 3 way distillation adaptor with 24/40 joints

1 – West condenser with 24/40 joints and 200mm in jacket length 8mm tubing

for cold water in and out

1 – Distillation adapter bent at 105 dgree

1- 500ml flat bottom flask with 24/40 joints

10 – Plastic joint clip for connecting and fixing two glassware

2 – Plastic stopper 24/40 joint

1- 16ft Rubber tubing with 8mm I.D. and 11. O.D

GLASS PARTS ONLY.  Hardware (Support stands and clamps) not included.




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