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Intelligent, Analytical Balance, 120 g Load Capacity, 0.1 mg Readability



Intelligent, Model# EP120A, Part # 1-360-9231-001 Precisa Executive Pro EP-A Series Analytical Balance

• Force Compensation by Precisa®
• Intuitive Graphic Interface
• IR Automatic Sensor Draft Shield
• Integrated Applications
• Optional Communication Slide-in Modules
• SCS Self-Calibration System
• RS232 / USB Interface – Standard
Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Networking – Optional
• Statistics
• Pan Size: 3.1″ / Draft Shield: 5.5 x 9.1″
• Units: g, mg, GN, dwt, oz t, oz, ct, C.M., tLH, tLM, tLT, mo, t, Bht

345 mm Height, 240 mm Wide, 360 mm Length


Options:   Slide-in Modules (USB Host, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Networking), Density Kit, Intelligent-Ionizer, Anti-Vibration.   Please email your option request.

Made in Switzerland



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