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A Robust light box in matt black finish with a 12 V 24 W axial filament lamp with flexible leads. One end of the box takes a cylindrical convex lens in an adjustable sliding mount to enable production of convergent, parallel or divergent beams. Complete with accessories which consist of: 5 Plastic blocks, one rectangular, one semicircular, one equilateral prism 60°x 60°x 60°, one right angle prism 90°x 60°x 30° and one right angle prism 90°x 45°x 45°. 3 Cylindrical acrylic lenses: one double convex, one double concave, both having the same radius of curvature and one thick convex lens. 3 Mirrors, one plane glass, one curved parabolic and one curved semicircular. 2 Slit plates, one with three narrow and one narrow slits, the other with four narrow and one wide slits 1 Set of eight color filters, Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Violet, Yellow, Orange and Magenta. 1 Set of colored cards, Red, Green, Blue, Violet, Orange, Cyan, Yellow and Pink. Complete with one spare lamp, in box. PH30407


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