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LightOne Pro Kit Pipetting Tracker


Increase accuracy in manual 384-well plate loading and sample selection with an illuminated tracking system. Become a 384-well pro with the LightOne™ PRO Kit.

LightOne™ Pro Pipetting Tracker (LI-2100): Design your plate on the device or use the file converter. Plug in the USB drive and you’re ready to pipette. Plug in the foot switch for hands-free control.

  • Pipette the right one and pick the right one with the LightOne PRO: Illuminate your plate as you load and reduce pipetting error during plate preparation. Illuminate individual wells to find and pick the right sample for downstream applications, validation, and confirmation.
  • Red LEDs illuminate your samples and protect your fluorescent dyes.
  • For high-throughput applications, qPCR, next-generation sequencing, and other 384-well applications.
  • Compatible with 96-well and 384-well plates.

Universal Tilt Stand (VL-1007): Work comfortably and avoid hunching over your plate. Place the LightOne™ Pro on the tilt stand to optimize your viewing angle at the lab bench or in a biosafety hood. Tilts in 10º, 30º and 45º angles.

ONE Series Micropipette, 0.5-10 µl (EA-1006): Adjustable volume pipette with a smooth plunger, a soft-touch ejector, and balanced weight distribution that’s designed to fit your hand and minimize fatigue.


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