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Microscale Kit with 14/10 Joints and Threaded Connections


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The 14/10 microscale kit components have an outer joint with an external thread. This allows the inner joint to be connected with an open top screw cap and O-Ring. Supplied in new easy access plastic kit box.

Chemistry Kit, Premier Complete

Consists of: (quantity in parenthesis)

Adapter, Claisen Head, Threaded (1 each)

Adapter, Distilling (1 each)

Adapter, Multi-Purpose (1 each)

Adapter, Thermometer (1 each)

Adapter, Vacuum (1 each)

Condenser, Air Reflux, Threaded (1 each)

Condenser, Jacketed, Threaded (1 each)

Distillation Head, Hickman, Threaded (1 each)

Flask, Round Bottom, Threaded, 10mL (1 each)

Flask, Round Bottom, Threaded, 25mL (1 each)

Plunger, PTFE (1 each)

SpinBar, PTFE 2 x 7mm (1 each)

SpinVane, PTFE, for 3mL/5mL vial (1 each)

Syringe, Glass/PTFE, 1mL (1 each)

Tube Only, Craig, 2mL (1 each)

Tube, Drying (1 each)

Tube, GC Collection, 5/5 (2 each)

Tube, Sublimation (1 each)

Vial, Conical, 1mL (2 each)

Vial, Conical, 3mL (2 each)

Vial, Conical, 5mL (1 each)

Vial, Conical, Thin Wall, 5mL (1 each)

Kit Box for 14/10 Glassware (1 each)

Foam Insert for 14/10 Glassware (1 each)page64image15416848


Manufacturer:  Wilmad Labglass LK15000100.  Please call for discount pricing.  This item ships directly from our supplier.  You may request store pick up.


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