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Supertek™ Microslide™ – The Five Kingdoms, Set Of 15



Use with item #KLM-T001  (Microslide Viewer)  Sold Separately.

15 students can have a lesson plan and microslide.  Free reproducible worksheet.



Each Microslide® title includes a slide featuring 8 related 35mm images photographed through a microscope called photomicrographs. Arrows and call outs help the student locate important features. Each Microslide® is accompanied by a detailed lesson plan designed to stimulate, inform, and question students about the topic under study. Each lesson plan has a pocket in which the Microslide® is stored. When buying in sets of 15 you will receive a reproducible worksheet.


1. Eugena – A classificationpuzzle (400x) * 2. The Kingdom Monera – Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria (2000x) * 3. The Kindgom Monera – Gleocapsa (1000x) * 4. The Kingdom Protista – Paramecium (100x) * 5. The Kingdom Protista – Spirocygra (150x) * 6. The Fungus Kingdom – The Mushroom (1/2x & (400x) * 7. The Plant Kingdom – Onion (xx0x) & Elodea (150x) * 8. The Animal Kindom – (750x)

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