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Nasopharyngeal Swabs (500/pk)



(Swab, Thin Nylon Head, Individually Wrapped)


This 6” long nasopharyngeal sample collection swab is designed for the collection of nasal secretions from the back of the nose and throat. This sample collection method is commonly used for the detection of whooping cough, diphtheria, influenza, and various types of diseases caused by the coronavirus family of viruses, including SARS, MERS, and COVID-19.

The absorbent nylon tip ensures rapid and efficient sample collection. A break point at 80mm allows tip section to fit in conventional collection and transport tubes, while the thin, flexible handle is comfortable for patients. These sterile swabs are individually packaged in convenient peel-apart paper/plastic wrappers. These swabs can also be utilized in cervix uteri, oral cavity, forensic acquisition and DNA collection applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Innovative design ideal for nasopharyngeal sample collection
  • 80mm breakpoint design for convenient point-of-care use
  • Flexible handle for patient comfort
  • Absorbent nylon tip ensures high sampling rate
  • RNase, DNase free


  • Head material: Nylon
  • Handle material: Flexible polystyrene (PS)
  • Total length: 150mm (6”)
  • Breakpoint distance: 80mm from tip
  • Sterile and individually wrapped
















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