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PETG Storage Bottle Reagent Bottle Screw Cap (NEST)



Product Features

1. PET wall is light in weight and resistant to low temperature, while PETG wall is thick, durable, and resistant to fracture.

2. High chemical durability, suitable for the storage of high purity reagent, standard particle materials and samples.

3. High transparency, strong mechanical strength and shock resistance, and convenient for observation and transportation

4. Highly tolerant of low temperature, UV rays, and resistant to fracture
5. Smooth inner surface can minimize the residue on the wall
6. Sterile, DNase/RNase/Pyrogen free.


PETG Bottle & HDPE Cap


It is mainly used for storing and sampling active pharmaceutical ingredients, bulk intermediates, and also for preparing, storing

buffers, culture solutions or long-term storage of pH sensitive liquids.

Additional information

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PETG Storage Bottle Reagent Bottle Screw Cap

30mL PETG Storage Bottle,5/Pack,40/Case, 60mL PETG Storage Bottle,6/Pack,48/Case, 125mL PETG Storage Bottle6/Pack,48/Case, 250mL PETG Storage Bottle,6/Pack,48/Case, 500mL PETG Storage Bottle,8/Pack,24/Case, 1000mL PETG Storage Bottle,4/Pack,12/Case


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