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Plankton Net with Collection Vial


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  • PLANKTON COLLECTION || 35″ deep plankton net designed for collecting plankton and other small aquatic organisms
  • STRONG NETTING || Made of strong muslin netting cloth with 180 micron mesh
  • WIDE OPENING || 12″ diameter metal ring provides a wide opening for viewing collections
  • INCLUDES VIAL & TWO COLLECTION BOTTLES || Three braided leads attached to a swivel front provide maximum strength – Equipped with durable plastic collection vial that can be attached using rubber bands. Includes 2 collection bottles
  • EXPLORE SHALLOW WATER || Great for gifting to kids who wish to explore the various creatures that live in shallow water

35” long collection bag made of strong bolting netting cloth suspended by muslin reinforcement and mounted on a strong wire ring dia. 12”. Three braided strong leads attached to swivel front. Lower end is provided with 2” opening with strong cloth pocket for tying the collection vial. The collection vial is 2″ deep thick plastic with a 1.5″ opening. Includes two, low density polyethylene collection bottles, each with a 250ml (8zoz) capacity. Bottles measure 6″ tall and are 2.4″ in diameter.
Great for gifting to kids who wish to explore the various creatures that live in shallow water.


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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 12 × 12 in


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