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Sense is a STEM computer programming and engineering learning platform. A student from the age of 8 years old to 21 years old can begin programming sense via visual block programming (free for download) and then solve any challenge imaginable by plugging various sensors, coding modules, or robotic parts into sense.
What’s included in the Sense bot: (5) infrared range detectors, (1) Bottom Line detector, (3) Expansion slots.
What’s in the box: The Sense Unit, mini to regular USB cable, battery adapter, URL for downloads. The programming interface for all languages (Visual Block, Python, C, Arduino) can be downloaded free of charge from Neulog.
If you wish to run Sense independently of a computer please purchase a Neulog battery such as BAT202, or BAT200. Another option is to use a USB port battery with a power of at least 500mAH and the battery adaptor that comes in the package. If you wish to code Sense from a smart phone, tablet, Chromebook, or non PC device please purchase a Neulog WIFI203.
Sense is expandable. You can plug in 45 different Neulog sensors, more battery power, a gripper module, IR tracking, IR transmitting, WIFI for use with tablets (and Python coding), C language coding units for PC or Mac, adapter for Arduino coding Sense can be used as USB module for Neulog sensors with Neulog software

What can students do with Sense: Right out of the box students begin to learn coding by executing the following challenges: Movement of sense along a black line, movement along walls or in a labyrinth/maze, building an autonomous car, monitoring the environment and moving according to triggers, robot games such as fighting robots. What can educators and parents do with Sense: Teach basic coding starting with visual block, introduction to STEM problem solving, use for programming classes, robotics clubs, STEM courses, and engineering classes. Spiraling Pedagogy and Expansion: Once a student masters the basics of visual block programming then can expand the sense units with Neulog sensors, IR receivers, IR transmitters, grippers, and a host of other bolt-ons. Once a comfort level with the add-ons is achieved the student can add C coding, Python coding, or Arduino adapters to begin to learn to program in other languages. Programming: The programming interface is free for download with the URL provided in the Sense package. The software will remain free with free upgrades. Programming interface will cover visual block programming, C programming, Python Programming, and other languages as they develop. Connectivity: Sense comes with a USB cable to plug to your computer to program and power the unit. If you wish to power the unit independently of the computer please use a 500mAh battery, a BAT200, or BAT202. The unit can be programmed independently of the computer with the purchase of a WIFI203.

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