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Serological Pipettes, Sterile (Individually Wrapped)



MTC Bio serological pipettes are made from virgin polystyrene in a Class 100,000 cleanroom facility, under ISO 13485. Available in six volumes (1, 2, 5, 10, 25, and 50ml), they are sterilized via E-beam and individually packaged in paper/plastic peel pouches. All sizes have vivid black, positive and negative graduations and are color-coded for easy volume identification.


Sterile, individually wrapped


• Ascending & descending graduations


• Cotton plugged


• Standardized color coding (Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Purple, Black)


• Paper/plastic packaging

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Serological Pipettes

Serological Pipette, 1mL, sterile, individually wrapped (1/100), 500/PK, Y, Serological Pipette, 2mL, sterile, individually wrapped (1/50), 500/PK, G, Serological Pipette, 5mL, sterile, individually wrapped (1/10), 200/PK, B, Serological Pipette, 10mL, sterile, individually wrapped (1/10), 200/PK, R, Serological Pipette, 25mL, sterile, individually wrapped (2/10), 150/PK, P, Serological Pipette, 50mL, sterile, individually wrapped (5/10), 150/PK, B


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