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Celestial Star Globe with Meridian Ring Supertek™



Transparent Celestial Star Globe

  • -Globe-IN-Globe configuration. A Celestial star globe made of Superior quality polymers.
  • -Easy to demonstrate the Earth’s apparent relationship to the Stars, Planets & Galaxies.
  • -A Perfect medium to define star activities to the Students.
  • -Mounted in full horizon and meridian base for stability.(B19018T)
  • -Outer surface can be marked & cleaned. Easily Washable.
  • -Internal Earth globe is independently movable.
  • -The horizon is depicted.
  • -Easy to adjust hour & date settings.
  • -Ecliptic, ascension and declination scales are clearly marked .
  • -Includes detailed activity and study guides.


  • This unique 12″ diameter star globe and world globe may be rotated independently.The meridian may be tilted to adjust the globe for latitude while the horizon ring indicates the actual horizon in relation to the point of observation on Earth. The Sun may be set by adjusting the sun knob located near the North Pole. Globe can be set to reflect constellation position according to time and place to show the actual positions of the stars. Globe has been printed on the inside so that a crayon may be used to mark positions of the planets or the moon on the outside.




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Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in


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