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United Scientific™ Protozoa & Algae Slide Set, 20/Set


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Glass prepared microscope slides, supplied in a plastic  case. A collection of slides specific to the study of protozoa and algae. Set of 20.

  1. Amoeba, E
  2. Mixed foraminifera
  3. Mixed radiolaria
  4. Euglena, E
  5. Trypanosoma in blood smear
  6. Plasmodium sp. (Malaria) in human blood
  7. Paramecium, E
  8. Paramecium showing conjugation,
  9. Vorticella, E
  10. Chlamydomonas, E
  11. Pandorina, E
  12. Volvox, with daughter colonies, E
  13. Nostoc, filaments with heterocysts, E
  14. Cladophora, E
  15. Chlorella, E
  16. Spirogyra, vegetative filaments, E
  17. Spirogyra, conjugation, E
  18. Desmids, mixed species, E
  19. Diatoms, mixed species, E
  20. Paramecium fission

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