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Bio Lion PRP Centrifuge, 5000r/min


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Bio-Lion Low Speed Desktop Centrifuge, Engineered for PRP, Spins 4 x 50mL Tubes, Max Speed 5000 r/Min, LED Screen, Programmable, Brushless Motor, Auto Balancing, XC60PRP


  • Fixed Angle Rotor – Spins 4 x 50mL tubes; 5000 r/min
  • Programmable – Easy to program setting with bright and easy to read LCD
  • Display; Speed is displayed in both RPM and RCF
  • Auto-Balancing – Compact, quiet, and efficient the auto-balancing systems extends the centrifuge life by reducing noise and vibration
  • Safety – Built in safety feature keeps lid locked while the rotor is in use
  • Brushless Motor – For long lasting operation


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