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Stereo LED Microscope, Portable Battery Powered, 20X


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This cordless Stereo Microscope is a great tool to use for studying macro specimens such as minerals, insects, and plant parts. The battery-powered LED light shines on specimens from above, making it ideal for viewing opaque surfaces.
• Sharp image over a broad field of view
• Upright binocular head
• Rack-and-pinion focus adjustment
• Eyepiece: 10X WF
• Objective: 2X
• Interpupillar distance: 55-75 mm (2.13″ to 3″)
• Working distance: 70 mm (2.75″)
• Built-in LED light
• Lightweight plastic body, easy to carry
• Packed in Styrofoam inner box
• Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 in


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